Trezeste-te!! de Gila Kanal

Am primit acest lucru prin e-mail prin cateva prieteni in urma cu cateva zile si am considerat ca este excelent si am cerut si am primit permisiunea de a-l posta. Tanara care a scris acest lucru a avut o alta scrisoare excelenta si pasionala in urma cu cateva luni, care a fost postata si aici. Ca si data trecuta, imi pare rau pentru lipsa traducerilor; Daca doriti sa stiti vreun cuvant, va rugam sa intrebati in comentarii. Multumesc.

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de Gila Kanal

In noaptea de 9 septembrie 2003, o mireasa de 20 de ani a asteptat cu nerabdare sa vina dimineata. Era cu o seara inainte de nunta ei si a numarat minutele pana cand a stat sub chupah si a deveni sotia unui barbat pe care l-a iubit cu toata neshama. Tatal ei tocmai s-a intors de la New York la o conferinta medicala si cei doi au decis sa mearga la o discutie din suflet in aceasta noapte incredibila. Au pornit spre Cafe Hillel pe Emek Refaim. Cand a intrat in restaurant, tatal ei a sesizat ca ceva nu este in regula. El a observat un barbat care intra in cafenea imediat dupa ce fiica sa a facut-o, apoi panica s-a instalat. A alergat sa-si scoata fiica, dar era prea tarziu. Explozia s-a stins si dr. Applebaum a fost ucis instantaneu. Mireasa a ramas in stare critica. Imi amintesc cand a venit apelul de la cel mai bun prieten al meu.

Naavah Applebaum a murit in aceeasi noapte. Ziua nuntii a devenit inmormantarea ei.

Aceasta experienta m-a lasat intr-o stare de soc. Imi amintesc la cateva nopti dupa inmormantarea lui Naavah, l-am sunat pe Abba intr-o tinuta isterica. Am strigat: „Abba, stiu care este tafkidul meu in Olam HaZeh”. Tatal meu a raspuns cu calm: “Da shefile? Ce este asta?” „Vreau sa mor Al Kidush HaShem” am suspinat. Tatal meu este un om fara rabdare, intelepciune si compasiune. Respira adanc si spuse: „Gila, cred ca am ceva si mai greu pentru tine”. “Ce vrei sa spui?” Am intrebat. “Ce ar putea fi mai greu atunci?” „Incercati sa traiti Al Kidush HaShem”, a raspuns tatal meu.

Dupa cum stiti multi dintre voi, ma lupt. Ma lupt cu toata inima si sufletul pentru a trai in Israel. Am ales o profesie despre care am auzit ca este buna in Israel, am aplicat scolilor care sunt doar in Israel si nu intalnesc barbati care nu vad un viitor in Israel. Recent oamenii m-au intrebat: „De ce. De ce Israel?” De ce am ales sa-mi plantez semintele si radacinile atat de ferm in aceasta tara? Exista motivele evidente: Israelul este Acasa. Este un Mitzvah sa traiesti aici. Gd ne-a promis acest pamant. Si mai departe … Dar nu de aceea scriu aceasta scrisoare. In ultimele luni, zeci si zeci de oameni m-au intrebat: „Gila, de ce faci Aliyah”?

Atunci m-a lovit. Faptul ca ne punem aceasta intrebare este o ilustrare perfecta a locului in care se afla generatia noastra astazi. Nimeni nu se intreaba: “Gila, de ce te intalnesti? De ce cauti cu disperare sufletul tau pereche?” Se intelege ca sunt jumatate de persoana si cautam cealalta jumatate pentru a ma completa. A fost un timp, nu prea mult timp in urma, cand si Israel era un dat. A fost un timp nu prea mult timp in urma, cand oamenii respirau, mancau si dormeau cu cuvantul „Tzion” pe buze. A fost o perioada in care lumea si-a tinut respiratia, deoarece voturile au fost numarate, 33 pentru, 13 impotriva si 10 abtineri, iar pe 29 noiembrie 1947, ONU a votat pentru un stat evreu. A fost o perioada in care noi, ca natiuni, am inteles ca Statul Israel era o necesitate absoluta si nu vom supravietui niciodata unui alt Holocaust fara ea.

Those times are over. Am Yisrael has entered a new era. It has suddenly occurred to me that the battle we are fighting is harder then any other battle that has been fought in the history of the Jewish people. I am part of the first generation to be born into a world where the State of Israel is now officially taken for granted. I cannot think of anything harder. How do you teach someone to appreciate something they have always had? How often do we look down at our legs and think, “Wow! Thank G-d I have these things!!! Moving would be pretty hard without them!” How often do you feel your pulse and shiver with excitement that you are living and your heart is beating? If we can manage to forget the most essential parts of our bodies how can we be expected to remember the less essential parts of our lives? Israel is a necessity that we have waited 2000 years for. Close your eyes and imagine the world without her. Do we even remember what that means anymore? We are so lost. We have entered the generation where we actually ask the question, “Why are you making Aliyah?”

‘Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim’

Am uitat cu adevarat. Acum 60 de ani, intr-o zi rece de noiembrie, a devenit a noastra. Acum 60 de ani. Iti dai seama cat de recent este asta? Acum 40 de ani am revenit in orasul vechi al Ierusalimului. Aceste lucruri s-au intamplat in viata parintilor nostri !!! Vorbim despre anul 1967! Aceasta este istoria recenta. De cand ne putem aminti, lumea a murit pentru Israel. De la unitatile Aliyot pana in Israel, colonistii au transpus, au muncit si au luptat pentru ea. De la cel de-al doilea stat infiintat si arabii au atacat atunci cand Israel avea doar o veche de SECONDS, am pierdut mii de neshamot care sangereaza, se lupta si moare pentru acest pamant.

Yet, through all this, we have forgotten. We have forgotten what it feels like to live in a world without a home. We have forgotten what it feels like to be a nation without a land. We have forgotten what it feels like to long for something we are missing. We have come to take it all for granted. Now suddenly, all the bleeding has stopped. The weapons have been put down. We no longer feel like Israel is fighting for her very existence. We have stopped dying. But, in my opinion, the Real Fight has just begun. Am Yisrael, listen very carefully. We are the first generation dedicated with the task of LIVING for Israel. We are the very first generation granted the luxury of going to a disco for Israel, sitting in a cafe for Am Yisrael, and having children for Midinat Yisrael. We are the first generation to have the ability to forget and take her existence for granted. I cannot think of a harder battle. We have forgotten a world without Israel. We have forgotten what it feels like to scream, “If I forget Yershalayim.. . let my right hand be cut off” with a passion and intensity that can only be felt by those who DON’T HAVE YERUSHALAYIM! We have forgotten what it means to say, “L’Shana HaBah B’Yerushalayim” and truly wonder if we will ever get to see her golden stones in our lifetime.

That, my friends, is why I have decided to make Aliyah. Because, for whatever reason, I do not want to forget. I am deeply aware that this Land, Country, Soil, and Earth, were fought for in order for ME to continue that fight by living here, and I never want to forget that. Every time I walk through Sha’ar Tzion and see the stones riddled with bullet holes, a lump forms in my throat as I realize how many soldiers have died so I can walk through the streets. We live in a very scary time. We live in a world where what we have actually gotten what we have been praying for for 2000 years and yet we cannot see it. We live in a world where our Dream has truly come true, yet we continue to sleep. Someone recently told me that a person can be so caught up in his/her life, that their absolute perfect b’sheret can stand right in front of them and they will never see him/her. Imagine the frustration and pain when someone realizes that they were too blind to see that their soul mate stood 2 inches from their face and they lost him forever. Imagine if your deepest fantasy came true, yet you were too busy dreaming about it to even notice it had become a reality.

Israel’s existence is not set in stone. A few miles away there is a man who lives to destroy us. He has missiles pointed at the heart of this country and will stop at nothing to wipe her off the map. We live among nations whose goal is to push us into the sea. We thrive on the back of a world that resents our mere presence. Yet through all this, we are Here. We are Alive. We are Home. Open your Eyes! Am Yisrael WAKE UP!! We have a HOME! We are BACK!! Where are you!? Israel is at war, only this time the enemy no longer comes from without. It comes from within. We truly are our greatest enemy. The doors to our salvation have been thrown open, yet no one seems to be running. I am deeply confident that if we choose this moment to finally stand together and live for Am Yisarel, Torat Yisrael, and Midinat Yisrael there would be nothing that could stop us. We are no longer fighting against guns and cannons. We are now fighting the world of materialism, comfort, and ease. We are fighting Ourselves.

Permiteti-mi sa clarific acest lucru. NU scriu aceasta scrisoare pentru a spune lumii sa faca Aliyah. Fiecare are propriile vieti si nu am NICIUN DREPT sa spun nimanui ca viata lor este aici. Am inteles ca Israelul NU este pentru toata lumea. Scriu aceasta scrisoare pentru a va ruga sa nu uitati. Scriu aceasta scrisoare pentru a va pleda pentru a continua sa apreciati, sa sustineti, sa protejati si sa aparati Israelul. Scriu aceasta scrisoare pentru a trezi lumea la realitatea ca Visul nostru s-a facut realitate, dar cu totii vom lipsi daca vom continua sa dormim! Scriu aceasta scrisoare pentru a aminti lumii de o perioada fara Israel si cat de usor este sa ne intoarcem la acea realitate daca nu traim pentru ea acum. Scriu aceasta scrisoare pentru ca oamenii m-au intrebat „De ce?” si am crezut ca ar trebui sa raspund.

‘Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim’

I shiver because I realize we may already have… 4 years ago, on a warm night in September, a young bride was torn to pieces. Her body was left a bloody mangled mess on the streets of Baka. She died so we can Live. Please do not make her death be in vain. As I type this, there are countless soldiers putting their lives on the line so we can have the freedom to live for this country. There is truly only one way to repay them. Live for Israel. After all those who have died Al Kidush HaShem it is time we started Living. I am begging each and every one of you to remember the world without a Home. For 2000 years we cried for her. Am Yisrael, WE HAVE HER. SHE IS OURS. FIGHT FOR HER! LIVE FOR HER! We cannot lose her again! After all those years of praying, yearning, hoping, and dreaming, the prayers have been answered and the dreams have come true! WAKE UP!! Stop Dreaming!!! She is OURS!! We don’t need to dream anymore. This is Reality. This is Life. It is time we started Living.

B’Zchut Aliyat Neshamot of all the people who have died fighting, living, and yearning for Am Israel, Torat Yisrael, and Midinat Yisrael,

Am Yisrael please Wake Up…