Stanga uraste Trump mai mult decat iubesc America

Fiecare votant al lui Trump stie cine sunt.

Acestia includ toti democratii, majoritatea mass-media infiintarii si chiar multi din Partidul Republican in sine. femei pe matrimoniale Multi dintre ei alcatuiesc ceea ce se numeste „statul adanc”, un club politic exclusiv format din membri ca Trump sau noi Deplorables, nu prea secret, dar, totusi, sinistru si amenintator.

Sunt oameni care actioneaza si gandesc ca niste copii, prin faptul ca vor ceea ce vor si cand vor. publi24 vrancea matrimoniale Regulile, legile si etica sa fie blestemate. Dar te vor tine la standarde de fiecare data. drobeta turnu severin matrimoniale

Acestia tolereaza alegerile, dar obstructioneaza guvernul reprezentativ, pentru ca urasc guvernul reprezentativ. Ei prefera sa forteze lucrurile asa cum le vad, pentru ca sunt mai destepti decat ceilalti dintre noi. publi24 ro anunturi matrimoniale caras severin Intreaba-i.

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Sunt oameni care au dat peste o serie de timp sistematic guvernarea noastra si mass-media, ca institutii, fara speranta corupte. matrimoniale subiu

Nu iubesc aceleasi aspecte ale Americii pe care noi. Ei cred ca puterea guvernului este instrumentul sau arma de utilizat pentru a obtine ceea ce isi doresc. matrimoniale brasov femei cu poze Forta guvernamentala pentru ei este mai buna decat o zi grea de munca. Ei cred ca America este motivul pentru care exista atat de multe probleme in lume, iar scopul lor a fost distrugerea sistemului american si inlocuirea lui cu un cer utopic pe pamant. publi24 mangalia matrimoniale

Alegerea lui Donald Trump ca presedinte a fost administrarea gresita a guvernului nostru, a institutiilor si a sistemului nostru economic, mai mult decat orice alt motiv. Sigur, Hillary Clinton a fost cea mai proasta candidata la fiecare nominalizata de un partid politic major din istoria noastra, dar Trump nu ar fi castigat indiferent cine a atacat impotriva lui, pentru ca prea multi americani care au fost uitati de cei aflati la putere s-au regasit brusc, fie prin pe retelele de socializare sau la radio de discutii sau orice altceva, si-au dat seama ca nu erau singuri in credinta lor ca ceva nu se opreste, lucrurile nu merg asa cum trebuia sa fie alergate si au vazut in Trump un barbat care si-a impartasit credinta ca lucrurile trebuiau sa se schimbe. matrimoniale publi24 resita

The Trump haters still don’t get it.

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  They believe, due to the cult of personality, that their leaders are moral and righteous, even as the evidence piles up that they have bankrupted and morally corrupted every institution in our society. public matrimoniale galati

From Doug Ross:

In fact, they are quite willing to destroy the country in order to reverse the 2016 election — ergo, the Mueller investigation, the absurd talk of impeachment, the excessive and constant media bashing, and blocking of the Trump agenda at every level no matter what the merits of the proposal.

It is they who are the extremists. matrimoniale clij

Trump was elected not based on any single issue, but because Americans believe that we are no longer citizens of a republic; that we are subjects of an elected aristocracy, composed of a self-absorbed and unaccountable permanent political class, which serves international interests at the expense of the American people.

They spent decades perfecting a governing style that made more and more people dependent on government. publi24 matrimoniale severin   I’m not talking simply about welfare dependence.  I’m talking about things like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. anunturi matrimoniale romania gratis   I’m talking about school lunch programs and regulating everything from food and drugs to light bulbs.

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  When building a home there are federal rules for insulation, treated lumber, windows, pipes, paint and flooring, etc. publi24 sector 6 matrimoniale   The federal government overstepped its bounds a hundred years ago and it has been whittling away at the limitations on government ever since.

It’s as if these people felt that unless they created laws and rules to cover every aspect of American life, they would be seen as not earning their keep. matrimoniale vitan   And they’ve gone too far.

They keep their power by an ever-growing and increasingly intrusive government and the media, which mostly shares their belief system, acts like a stenographer for them, reporting exactly what they tell them to report without any inspection of what they’re feeding to consumers of news. matrimoniale republica moldova cu telefon   The size of the federal government is now bigger than the private sector, and that’s not what our Founding Fathers intended.  In fact, the Constitution is riddled with clauses that limit the actions the federal government can take, but alas, these people, over time, have bastardized those Constitutional clauses to mean whatever they want them to mean, and so we have wound up with a tyranny that is legal, that is, if you consider the bastardization of our founding principles legal and proper. matrimoniale consstanta

It is a universal principle of representative government that trustworthiness of government officials to act as representatives of the people who voted them into office is the most important thing for our society to function, and that it is their duty to do what the people desire, all within the framework of our Constitutional system.

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  And they have failed…. matrimoniale fara protectie craiova miserably.

I used to think that the Democrats were power hungry and no longer believed in the Constitution, while the Republicans were the exact opposite, and they had to fight the powerful all on their own since the media would not let them get their voice out. facebook anunturi matrimoniale   But these days it has become apparent that establishment Republicans share the mindset of the Democrats, just not as obvious and extreme.  They too go along with creating laws that are as unconstitutional as it gets, but like their Democrat brethren, they do it to maintain their own power, much of the time at our expense. matrimoniale buzau anunturi

Politicians in the D.C. matrimoniale femei ploiesti raid swamp are more interested in holding onto power than they are to execute the office they sit in for the people.

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The election of Donald Trump was not due to the ridiculous notion of power-hungry Democrats that there was collusion with the Russians, but on the idea that if you removed the corruption and made government honest again, the country would be more efficient and the forgotten men and women would again prosper. publi24 matrimoniale obor   For too long those in D.C. public24 iasi matrimoniale made personal sweetheart back-room deals, and what they gave up for it was the power of the ordinary American to be able to achieve extraordinary things.  Donald Trump told them that he gets it, and that he would fight to make America great again. matrimoniale oradea pub 24   And that’s exactly what he has been doing since the day he was inaugurated.

The Trump haters are threatened by that, because it’s their corrupt way of life that Trump is fighting, and so far, he’s winning. publi matrimoniale sector 6   He is changing many aspects of the Deep State, but it will take a second term, and then the next administration after that to follow up on the principles and ideals that Trump is fighting to bring back to government.  Otherwise, the swamp rats will move right back in place, and the decay of our society will continue. matrimoniale 40 ani

My book is here! And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it @realDonaldTrump!

BOOK – Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent