Renastere pe usile catre Biroul Afaceri Civile

Capitolul 53 Motivele alegerii


Spitalele municipale au adesea o experienta bogata atunci cand vine vorba de solutionarea disputelor medicului-pacient. Asteptand ca balconul acasa sa fie complet mobilat, Xia Feng a revenit la serviciu.

Asadar, Yu Dong a fost cel care va repara balconul in fiecare zi, surprinzandu-l pe Xia Feng in fiecare dimineata cu ceva nou.

Timpul a trecut, februarie lasand loc pentru martie. Cand An a aparut din nou in fata lui Xia Feng, si-a dat seama ca a trecut mult timp de cand a vazut-o de fapt. escorte pipera footballonair.com

“Ai timp acum?” Un An a asteptat in mod special ca Xia Feng sa-si termine rundele inainte de a veni.

„Uh, da”. Xia Feng a fost surprinsa o vreme.

„Hai sa facem o plimbare in gradina”. Un An sugerat. escorte de lux bacau rjolaw.com

„Er …” Xia Feng ezita, intrebandu-se daca ar trebui sa fie de acord.

“Ah . escorte bucuresti 2018 maketheleap.net .. nu-ti amintesti.” Un An a ras brusc.


“Perioada de schimb de o luna se incheie, ma intorc in America in aceasta seara. cele mai tari escorte davincisurgery.biz ” Un An explicat.

Xia Feng a fost uluita si a privit spre An An cu putina jena.

Nici macar spitalul nu a putut opri atacul febrei de primavara. Gradina spitalului era plina de pacienti care mergeau si admirau florile. Un An s-a uitat la aceasta scena si s-a lamentat brusc: „Ati absolvit doi ani mai devreme decat mine si ati venit la acest spital imediat ce ati absolvit”. escorte de lux constanta scwcompanies.net

“Un.” Xia Feng dadu din cap.

„Dar aceasta este prima data cand am facut o plimbare prin aceasta gradina.” Un reamintit.

„Cand iti faceai stagiul, mai ales eu veneam sa te vad”. onesti escorte smartypig.net Xia Feng s-a gandit o vreme, apoi a spus.

„Cu totii paream sa fim atat de ocupati la acea vreme, nu-mi aminteam ultima data cand am mers sa vedem un film impreuna”. Un An parea neputincios in timp ce spunea asta.

Xia Feng nu stia de ce An An spunea deodata toate aceste lucruri, dar ramase linistit, privind in fata in timp ce mergea.

“Intotdeauna am crezut ca vei ramane a mea, asa ca eram mai concentrat sa merg dupa lucruri care inca nu erau ale mele. descriere escorte www.news1.co.il ” An An si-a urmarit buzele: „In timp ce eram ocupat sa urmaresc lucruri pe care nu le aveam, te-am pierdut din greseala”.

„Un An”. Xia Feng nu s-a putut abtine sa spuna.

“Nu te enerva, nu vreau sa spun nimic spunand asta.” Un An s-a intors si s-a uitat la Xia Feng in ochi: „Te-am auzit chemandu-l pe Yu Dong in vestiar in acea zi”. escorte dambovita baherbs.com

La gandul ca a fost aflat intr-un moment vulnerabil, Xia Feng s-a simtit putin ciudat.

“Am fost impreuna atat de mult timp, am simtit intotdeauna ca te cunosc destul de bine. Pana in acel moment … escorte bdsm carnal.net ” An a privit in jos, “Cred ca este mai buna pentru tine decat voi fi vreodata”.

“Un An …”, a spus Xia Feng, “Tu si Yu Dong sunteti complet diferiti. escorte-sex.ro tjmpark.com

– Deci … ti se potriveste mai bine decat mine. An a ajuns la aceasta concluzie de unul singur. lux escorte ww17.valentinesgamesatoz.com

Xia Feng nu stia cum sa-i raspunda, dar An An isi putea spune deja gandurile in aceasta privinta prin expresia sa.

In fact, An An also seriously thought about it during this month. Because they were both doctors, they were both very busy. Too busy to date, too busy to meet the in-laws, too busy to get married, too busy to even realize that their love had long deteriorated.

She had been desperately trying to grow up, desperately trying to be a doctor that wouldn’t lose to Xia Feng. escorte bv grece.com But in the end, what was it all for? Was it to be able to stand next to him proudly, or was it for her own ambitions? 

A harmonious family can only ultimately be achieved by one party happily compromising.

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“I won’t give you back the ring.” Ann suddenly said.

“Ah?” Xia Feng had to think to realize she was talking about the diamond ring.

“I want to keep it as a memento. escorte paris romance keegan.net To remind me of the fact that I lost such a good man.” An An suddenly laughed freely. Maybe after you let it all go, you’ll find that things aren’t as unbearable as you imagined.

Xia Feng blinked and gave An An a relieved smile.

“As a parting gift, do you have any advice for me?” An An said mischievously. anunturi escorte ramnicu valcea j902.com

“Advice?” Xia Feng thought about it, then said, “If someone proposes to you more than once, you should seriously consider it.”

An An was stunned. She suddenly smiled widely. Xia Feng scratched his head, feeling that what he said was a little funny. The two stood amongst the colorful flowers, laughing and lighthearted, at peace. escorte din arad jaykantpatel.com

Xia Feng didn’t ask An An when she’ll be back because he knew that it’ll be a long time before it happens. But when they do meet each other again, they’ll be able to greet each other as friends.

… escorte harghita venango.us ..

In a recording booth in a certain broadcast station, Yu Dong was wearing a pair of headphones as she just cut off the song that just finished broadcasting. Her face looked refreshed and her eyes bright. After a playful greeting, Senior Yu gestured for her to start answering the phone. escorte brasov 18ani bikes.nainews.com

“Well, here’s our last call of the night.” Fish Jelly smiled, “I don’t know if it’s going to be a Mr. Strong or a Ms. Beautiful.

“Hello, Fish Jelly, hello. escorte publi24 prahova bathfun.com ” A clear male voice was heard.

“Hello hello.” Fish chuckled, “Listening to your voice, you sound like a youngster?”

“I’m a university senior this year.” Mr. Strong answered. escorte pe net completiondesign.com

“A senior on the cusp of graduation season. Is it work trouble?” Fish Jelly guessed.

“I found a job a long time ago for school recruitment: a state-owned enterprise.” Mr. Strong replied. escorte crangasi trilogyinc.us

“Then I really want to congratulate you, a senior who’s about to enter a central enterprise, your school and abilities must be really good.” Fish Jelly praised.

“Thank you.” There wasn’t much joy or excitement in the man’s voice.

“So what story will you share with us tonight?” Fish asked softly. escorte braso www.sterlingwight.net

“I…I wonder if I should break up with my girlfriend.” Mr. escorte sector 1 xtension.dinerslist.com Strong said hesitantly.

Fish Jelly froze, then guessed: “Are you two planning on working in different cities?”

Graduation season was also breakup season. There are countless reasons, but this was the most common.

“No, we’re still going to be in the same city.” Without Fish Jelly needing to say, Mr. top escorte iasi fugio.woodenshutters.com Strong continued, “I visited home today and met a more successful elder in the family. He told me some things.”

“He said that I shouldn’t fall in love at this age because it wouldn’t help my future prospects. He told me about his friend Xiao He.” Mr. publi24 escorte suceava erobosoftware.com Strong said, “Xiao He was a very good man who studied abroad.

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After returning and getting a very good job in a central enterprise. Because of his academic qualifications, ability, and good looks, he was remembered by the senior leaders.”

“Many of the leader’s wives asked if he was single, if he had a girlfriend, if they could introduce their daughter or niece to him, but Xiao He had already been dating someone for a year.”

“His girlfriend was just an ordinary girl. escorte ieftine constanta blogpeople.net She didn’t have any particular talents, but she didn’t have anything particularly bad about her either. So Xiao He couldn’t bear to break up with her. Soon, a new colleague joined their department. He had the same qualifications and good looks, the only difference was that he was single.”

“A senior’s wife helped introduce a girl from a good family, young, beautiful and educated. escorte malaga ajkfinancial.net That male colleague practically fell in love with her at first sight. In a short time, that colleague got married, bought a house, a car, got promoted…it looked like life gave him wings. escorte zona titan drchriswood.com

“And Xiao He still had a mortgage and was living with his girlfriend in a 60-square-meter room.” Mr. Strong said, “One of my family’s elders asked him if Xiao He regretted it. He said he did.. .”

“When he finished telling me this story, he said that in the future I would also encounter a similar situation, that as I progressed I would meet better women. So if I didn’t want to be a completely bad person, I shouldn’t bring love with me when I leave university.”

“I became little confused. Does life need such precise calculations? Should I believe in what my elder said? Because he’s very successful with a booming career and a beautiful and generous wife. “

Fish Jelly wrinkled her brows, her face a little ugly: “Are you confused on whether your elder’s opinions are right, or are you confused about whether you should break up?”

“Is there a difference?” Mr. Strong asked.

“Everyone makes choices in their life, and in the end, we’ll have to live with those decisions.” Fish Jelly said, “But when you say you’re hesitating on whether you should break up or not, you’re already drawing a line of separation in the depths of your heart.”

“I haven’t, I genuinely reluctant. ” Mr. Strong was entangled, “Sometimes when I walk along the university campus, I think of her as I smell the flowers.”

“But there are better, more beautiful and more fragrant flowers ahead.” Fish Jelly said without mercy.

“You should break up with her, you two are no longer suitable for each other. ” Fish Jelly’s tone was sentimental, “Before you become a completely bad person.”

“Am I a bad man?” The was panic in Mr. Strong’s voice.

“You’re not a bad person, you’re just someone with very clear goals.” Fish Jelly said one last sentence before hanging up: “I wish you success!”

Yu Dong didn’t know when society had turned into a society where we laughed at the poor and seldom smiled. She didn’t know when comparing yourself to other people became the norm, where even love would be measured by the person’s family background.

Where every decision people made were utilitarian!

When you were young and naive, what did you like about your partner?

What about her? Why did I choose Xia Feng in the first place?

“What are you thinking about?” Xia Feng embraced Yu Dong as he leaned on the pillow.

“Do you remember what I asked you when we first met?” Yu Dong asked.

“You asked me to marry you?” Xia Feng couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, I asked you a few questions before that. ” Yu Dong reminded.

“Um~” Xia Feng tried to recall, “You asked me if I owned a house I think?”

“Do you think I’m utilitarian?” Yu Dong asked, “Because I think I chose you because you had a house.”

“You’re not!” Xia Feng shook his head.

“Why do you trust me so much?” Yu Dong raised an eyebrow.

“Then, would you have married me when I said I didn’t have a house?” Xia Feng asked, half-serious.

Yes, Yu Dong directly nodded in her heart, because she knew of his future achievements.

But because I knew of your achievements, I can never know if I chose you or your future.

“Is it hard to answer?” Xia Feng frowned.

“I already know you have a house, how can I seriously answer?” Yu Dong was distressed.

“Silly!” Xia Feng lowered his head to nuzzle her, “Then if I sold the house because I needed more funds for my research, would you break up with me?”

Yu Dong shook her head and said, “You wouldn’t need to sell the house, I can make money. “

“Ha…” Xia Feng smiled as he kissed his serious, silly wife.

There are many reasons to break up: the loss of love, the missed encounter, or having a better choice.

But there are also countless reasons to be together: Love at first sight, the quickening of heartbeats, or if you’ve just found the perfect match for you.

Life won’t give you a smooth path just because of your kindness, and similarly, it will not lead you through a thorny path just because you’re utilitarian