O scrisoare de dragoste catre Diane Nguyen, cel mai uman desen animat de la TV

Cel mai mare personaj al lui BoJack Horseman fura cu adevarat fiecare scena din cel de-al cincilea sezon al hitului tragicomediei lui Netflix

„A fi femeie nu este un hobby sau un interes pentru animalele de companie. femei pe matrimoniale summerlow.us Trebuie sa renunti la joc si sa joci pe Joss Whedon si toata lumea se inveseleste, dar cand treci la urmatorul tau lucru, eu sunt inca aici. publi24 vrancea matrimoniale www.dandyservice.com

Acest adevar succint este rostit de Diane Nguyen, un personaj care trebuie sa explice frustrarea de a trai ca o femeie a carei voce primeste rar o platforma mare, unui coleg de sex masculin. drobeta turnu severin matrimoniale arredamento-hotel.mccabephx.com Afisarile ei relatabile si sincere sunt o rasa rara la TV. publi24 ro anunturi matrimoniale caras severin cramp.calientecasinosresorts.com Ceea ce le face cu atat mai surprinzatoare este faptul ca nu apare intr-o drama feminista cu actiune live – de fapt, este un personaj de sprijin dintr-un desen animat despre un cal antropomorfizat. matrimoniale subiu generalcybernetic.com

In absurdul si serialul tragicomediei BoJack Horseman , in absurdul lui Raphael Bob-Waksberg, instalata in Hollywoo (o versiune accentuata si ametitoare a industriei de divertisment modern), Diane este un personaj care s-ar fi putut strecura cu usurinta in trupa Manic Pixie Dream Girl. matrimoniale brasov femei cu poze alacrabook.de Considerand ca este introdusa in poveste drept scriitoarea-fantoma a memoriului celebrului actor BoJack – observandu-i comportamentul, prindandu-se in escapadele lui si purtand discutii profunde si semnificative cu el – este un miracol pe care nu a cazut in capcana. publi24 mangalia matrimoniale www.nametagsdirect.com Din fericire, atitudinea ei Daria-esque devine rapida spre sfarsitul primului sezon, in episodul „One Trick Pony”, unde se dezvaluie ca a scris o biografie neplacuta, pe care o scapa online, in ciuda arogantei lui BoJack. matrimoniale publi24 resita analogzone.com

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Ea refuza sa-i spuna ca este o persoana buna pentru a-si lauda ego-ul fragil de sex masculin. public matrimoniale galati xxv.net.br

In their animated universe, animals and humans co-exist – and the complexity of the human condition is laid bare and picked apart. matrimoniale clij mab.williamyung.com Diane is a third-wave feminist, Vietnamese-American woman (voiced by white actress Alison Brie – a choice that was recently addressed in this Uproxx article) in her late 30s, and a published writer who openly admits she finds it difficult to articulate her feelings. publi24 matrimoniale severin zeckendorfdevelopment.com She impulsively takes flight when her personal life runs into problems, and procrastinates, eats pizza, and gets wasted when her marriage falls apart. anunturi matrimoniale romania gratis nextstopknowledge.com

While lesser shows would have relegated her to a side character, it’s Diane who utters some of the most important words ever spoken on BoJack, in the very first episode:, “You’re responsible for your own happiness. publi24 sector 6 matrimoniale vinopaq.com ” It’s a mantra all the main characters live by, as they keep making the same mistakes over and over again, while trying to make sense of their existence. matrimoniale vitan heelwoman.com The happy-go-lucky dog (and husband to Diane) Mr Peanutbutter is often distracted by passing fancies, as is couch-surfing 20-something Todd Chavez. matrimoniale republica moldova cu telefon www.always-wood.com

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Meanwhile, agent Princess Carolyn persistently struggles with her work-life balance. matrimoniale consstanta crediscotia.com They each go on their own, personal wacky misadventures, with their backstories shaded in more thoroughly across each season, and the structure of the long-running jokes biting back hard for laughs and dramatic chills. matrimoniale fara protectie craiova anima.yaesuusa.com

She’s not a perfect character, though. facebook anunturi matrimoniale noclickemail.com One of the best examples of Diane’s growth, and one of the most hilarious episodes of BoJack, involves the subject of abortion. matrimoniale buzau anunturi triveni.com When Diane accepts a job ghost-writing tweets for celebrities, she accidentally tweets about her abortion from pop star Sextina Aquafina’s account, and has to spend a lot of time enacting damage control. matrimoniale femei ploiesti raid sudra.com However, when Sextina releases a song about it (sample lyric: “I’m a baby killer!”), Diane starts acting self-righteous. publi24 matrimoniale obor www.store24.com But by the end of the episode, ideas about role models and empowerment through pop music are exquisitely explained to her by a young woman in an abortion clinic waiting room. public24 iasi matrimoniale sns.lilyenglish.com Diane is open to listening, and this moment provides an understated turning point in her growth as a person. matrimoniale oradea pub 24 kaawah.com

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 BoJack Horseman allows its characters to evolve and to change their perspectives in a nuanced way that rings true – a rare phenomenon in TV. publi matrimoniale sector 6 www.byqp.com

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— out of context bojack horseman (@nobojackcontext) March 22, 2018

Diane’s journey is one on which her feminism and integrity are continually tested, with many of her episodes highlighting the extreme misogyny and double standards of the industry. In “Hank after Dark” (season two), she calls out beloved family entertainer, Hank Hippopopolis, who has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, but is yet to be punished for his actions. She’s usually the voice of reason who starts conversations about disgusting practices that others have wilfully ignored.

Ea se incadreaza adesea pe urechi surde; emisiunea transmite cat de frustrant poate fi femeile sa isi auda vocea la Hollywood si cat de daunatoare poate fi cariera si sanatatea lor mentala atunci cand vorbesc.

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In masterstroke al sezonului cinci, „BoJack the Feminist”, Diane este epuizata de ciclul vicios al maltratarii feminine si de feministele de sex masculin insuportabile care nu o primesc si sara pe bandwagon.

Diane Nguyen in HanoiBoJack Horseman

Season five gives us a perfect Diane episode, encapsulating the depth of her character, and her willingness to grow. She flies to Hanoi to research an article, and, as she tells herself, to get to grips with her identity. But really, she’s once again running away from her problems. The episode closes with an emotional knock-out conclusion about heartbreak, loneliness, and survival. In a season that plays out as a kind of thorny investigation of forgiveness, Diane reconciles not only with her ex-husband, but also herself, as she decides to live alone, and start again. This show is all about depression – the opening credits depict BoJack numbly sleepwalking through life.

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This episode recreates that sensation, with Diane doing the same thing on her trip to Hanoi – until finally, she’s honest with herself, and makes a brave move for her own happiness.

One of the reasons Diane is drawn to BoJack is because his TV show genuinely affected her as a child. It provided 30 minutes of escapism from her horrible childhood, and gave her hope for a functional family. The power of entertainment on the cultural landscape, and on a personal level to enact change, is a recurring theme, and in BoJack, Diane is often the one shouting for a revolution. Though it may take her some time to find a solution to her problems, she continually struggles towards personal growth in all aspects of her life including her career, friendships, and relationships. Her tireless efforts and genuine compassion ultimately provide the emotional heart of BoJack. As he hopelessly self-destructs season after season, she’s the one on an arc of self-discovery and self-improvement, constantly striving to be better even as she fucks up along the way. And yet – in an injustice she herself would wearily point out – BoJack is the one who gets his name in the title of the show.

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