O intalnire cu Mos Craciun – Frumusetea in bataia cancerului

Fac Otis la o plimbare pana la magazinul alimentar din colt si cumpar o sticla din cabernetul Napa, The Prisoner. Odata ce ne intoarcem la casa lui Mark si Ana, ei sunt deja acasa. Amandoi imi dau o imbratisare mare si imi dau un buchet frumos de crini, lalele si frezie mixta.

Ne pare foarte rau pentru diagnosticul dumneavoastra. Va rugam sa stiti ca voi si Otis suntem bineveniti sa stati aici atat timp cat doriti, iar eu si Mark va vom ajuta cu orice aveti nevoie ”, spune Ana. escorte coposu xamigos.com

Le multumesc lui Mark si Ana profund, extrem de atinsi de oferta lor generoasa si ca au grija de mine in aceasta seara, mai ales ca nu vreau sa fiu singura.

„Ne place sa fii aici, mai ales ca casa noastra este mai curata decat cand ai ajuns”, rade Mark. Si vorbind despre asta, uite cine este aici! ”

Pe intrare, o tanara, o bruneta frumoasa intra pe usa din fata.

“Salut baieti!”

“Evelinka!” exclaim both Mark and Ana, referring to this woman’s nickname. They introduce us. cuplu escorte www.babystain.com Evelina is a beautiful, young woman with long, wavy brown hair that bounces down to her waist. She has big, brown, expressive eyes, is about five feet, four inches tall, wearing platform shoes and is clearly the owner of the size 0 garments and double D bras I recently packed away.

“Hi! It’s so nice to meet you. Just so you know, I didn’t throw anything away. I promise! I merely packed all your clothes into the suitcases that were stacked in the closet,” adding, “I’ve never seen so many clothes in my life!”. escorte galati publi 24 bnbmobile.com

“No, no, thank you, thank you,” she says with a thick Bulgarian accent. “I’ve been promising to come by for months to clean up and never got around to it.” I offer to pour her a glass of wine and she accepts. Ana asks her best friend to tell us about the latest drama of her dating life. Mark leaves to fire up the grill while the three of us stay in the kitchen and Evelina describes where’s she’s been for the last month. numere de telefon escorte allinonehomeschooling.com One of her male friends is a very successful businessman who likes to fly around the world on his private jet for client meetings and to party. He thinks nothing of inviting his friends and their friends to come along. Evelina has traveled to Greece, London, St. Barth’s and Cabo with this sky party within the last three weeks. I envy her carefree lifestyle and suddenly lament my decades of hard work proving to myself (and to anyone who will notice) how capable and independent I am. sex anal escorte www.cpfpc.com

“Any single guys for Cookie?” asks Ana.

“Always,” replies Evelina. “Actually there’s a guy, Joseph, he lands in L.A. today. escorte timisoata viceversa.biz He’s a multi-millionaire. He’ll be here for a week.”

As much as I love the idea of boarding a private plane, flying to some exotic island and partying for weeks my summer is, unfortunately, already booked.

“There’s no reason why you can’t go out and have fun,” Evelina retorts.

“I don’t know… What guy would want to be involved with someone who just got diagnosed with breast cancer?”

Do I need to clear my calendar for what’s ahead or can I still have a social life?

“Is he on Facebook?”

“Yes, he is. escorte 1 www.multiplelistingservices.net Look him up.” Evelina gives me Joseph’s full name. I open my laptop and pull up his profile. He’s older with longish grey hair and unfit. Not my type. trans escorte www.aireuro.net

“He lives on an island off the coast of another country– I forget which one– and he’s involved with philanthropy. Friend him.” she says.

“He has no idea who I am.”

“Send him a friend request. filme despre escorte www.cheapbeauty.com

I send a friend request. Surprisingly, he accepts within seconds. We peruse his pictures. One photo shows Joseph playing a ukulele, standing in the ocean, which is apparently his “back yard”. There’s another of him sitting at the very edge of a narrow cliff in another exotic locale. escorte sighetul marmatiei liveunitedsem.net How did he get there? For this aerial view, the photo must have been taken from a helicopter. After looking at a dozen pictures, my overall feeling is he’s a very nice man who smiles a lot and has a nice demeanor.

“I have a feeling that you two should know each other,” she says.

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“I think you will like each other.”

It occurs to me that Evelina may have already set this up. escorte bune de pula 8q.redkettle.org Joseph and I message back and forth. He asks for my phone number. Five minutes later my iPhone vibrates. He just landed at Van Nuys Airport, which means he has a membership with NetJets or owns his own plane. Our conversation is brief but we make plans for dinner the following night. escorte bucuresti anuntul buyworldshoes.com He’ll pick me up at seven o’clock.

“Damn girl, you work fast! I can’t believe you hooked that up within thirty minutes of your arrival,” laughs Ana.

“You are quick! But what do I tell him? I can’t pretend there’s not a huge medical challenge in front of me.”

“You don’t have to tell him anything. Just have fun. escorte bucuresti publi 24.ro freeresultsguide.com It may not work out but if you like him, then tell him.”

I tell Evelina I may end up canceling the dinner but she begs me not to. I’m on my second glass of wine so what the hell? I tell her I won’t.

As planned. Joseph picks me up the next evening at exactly seven o’clock. escorte ankara www.kidbookink.com At first glance, he looks like he’s about twelve to seventeen years older than me, which is fine. He salt and pepper hair is damp and his beard is neatly trimmed. He’s wearing a black cashmere sweatshirt, dark blue jeans and Tom Ford loafers. He has fair skin, a pot belly and wears silver round, wire rim glasses. I described him to a friend of mine, Mike, at the gym. escorte iasi\ teamscert.biz

“He’s got a full head of longish grey hair, a thick beard, a bit of a gut and wears eyeglasses like John Lennon’s.”

“You just described Santa Claus,” he said laughing. “Picture him in a red suit and am I right, or am I right?”

I’m not attracted to Joseph, however, he’s very sweet. “Wow,” he says, as soon as he walks in the door.

We drive across town to Chaya Venice and are seated in the corner booth. escorte de lux targoviste wefixbikes.com The waiter hands us the menus and asks if he can bring us a cocktail. Joseph leans over and asks if I like big, bold Cabs from Napa. Evelina must have mentioned I did. I nod.

“We’re having a special tonight. form escorte constanta deerbrookdentalspecialists.us All bottles of wine are half off,” says the waiter.

“Alright,” says Joseph. He orders a cabernet, pointing to the listing on the menu. He impresses upon the waiter he wants to confirm the year on the label before opening the bottle. Joseph leans in to me and says, “That’s a really good price for that year. escorte de evitat mothercraft.info I’ve never seen it go for this low of a price.”

The waiter leaves. A few moments later, the manager scurries over to our table making a fuss about the wine Joseph ordered, a two thousand dollar bottle for half the cost. The manager is willing to honor the price but wants Joseph to settle up the bar tab before we order dinner. Joseph hands him his black American Express card. escorte colentina usertrax.com

The wine is tasty and a welcome tonic as Joseph tells me his story of how he made his fortune. Basically, he tried various businesses and they mostly failed. He then joined two partners in starting an online business that was, at the time of their startup, legal in the U.S. and internationally. escorte maremures webindia.net However, Joseph claims, due to the excessively large amounts of money they were making tax free, certain eastern states declared overnight this particular activity was now illegal. The very next morning U.S. Marshalls knocked on his door and confiscated everything he owned, including his bank accounts and various properties. He is in town for his court case: The U. escorte parcul carol www.fruitsonline.com

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S. vs. Joseph. It is entirely possible he could lose this case, be arrested and sit in prison for an undetermined amount of time, but he doesn’t think that will happen. I presume if he does lose, he’ll be freed on bail and then board his plane to go back home, or perhaps fly to a country that doesn’t extradite and continue living his carefree lifestyle. escorte public 24 galati vivalditomato.com

On the ride home Joseph expresses his sincere interest in getting to know me quickly over the next couple of years, “with a few indiscretions along the way,” he says smiling. “It really takes a couple of years to get to know someone.”

I agree. A few months prior I met a guy who I thought could be a long-term partner. We dated for a couple of months. escorte de lux bistrita exterra-malaysia.com He told me he was a solid family man and the CEO of a large financial firm. His online profile confirmed his position. Our first date was on his yacht with a Captain and private chef. However, what he mentioned eight weeks later was that after twelve years of marriage, he found out his wife was a former call girl and maybe turned tricks while they were married. He began self-medicating. publi 24 escorte mature www.swindonweb.com As his drug use thrived, his professional life suffered. Eventually he lost his job, divorced and began trolling dating sites, which is how I met him, about a month after becoming a blonde.

On the way home from our date, Joseph tells me he is very interested and wants to date exclusively if I am open to it. He looks at me for my reaction as we drive along the 10 freeway. Awkward. escorte mature testate www.monstergames.net I enjoyed my time with him and would like to know him better before committing to a monogamous relationship with someone who may end up in prison, after one date.

“I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships,” I say. I’ve tried them before with no success.”

“Me neither but you’re free to travel, right? You’re close to Van Nuys and can fly back and forth as much as you want. It’s only about three hours. escorte asiatice bucuresti iqor.net

Joseph expresses his interest again and how much he wants to pursue a relationship. He uses words like: love, intimacy, taking care of me, shopping(!) travel and would I be ok not working? Many of his words every woman dreams of hearing but I jump back to reality. I have to be honest, but I’ve barely wrapped my head around the news myself. My life changed yesterday and I have a doozy of a summer ahead. I don’t want to start crying. escorte mama fiica alvordpolk.net I hold myself together. I toss back the tears. I have to tell him. I collect my thoughts and look to Joseph.

“There’s no easy way to say this. ”

“You don’t like me. Did I come on too strong?”

“No. That’s not it. I have breast cancer. I only found out yesterday. I didn’t want to come to dinner tonight but Evelina insisted I meet you.”

“I’m glad she did,” he says.

Joseph proceeds to say all the right things and ask me important questions.

“First things first: Do you have insurance?”


“That’s great, especially here in America. Do you need money?”

I tell him I have it covered but I really have no idea how much money I’ll need or how long any of this will take. However, what I do know is I don’t want to take money from a man I barely know.

“I’ll know more about my situation after court on Monday and will check in with you.”

Joseph pulls up the driveway at Mark and Ana’s house. The lights are off so Joseph gives me a kiss and we say goodbye in the car.

“I’ll be there for you,” he says.

“Good luck next week,” I say as I get out of his car. I walk across the yard to the front door where Otis is waiting for me at the window.