In cele din urma Iluminat

Hei! Uau, 2 bloguri in <48 de ore! Ma multumeste pentru mine!

Sper ca toata lumea are un 2013 bun pana acum! Am un sentiment foarte bun ca 2013 va fi un an care poate schimba viata, intr-un mod foarte bun. Pot doar sa simt.

I got a call this morning from my job offering me a deal to come in for day shift hours and I would be allowed to leave at 11pm , instead of 7 am, so that is awesome and totally is what I needed. I ended up getting out at 11:45 and got to hear the radio dance party on my local station. It was awesome being able to bop along to my favorite 2012 songs, even if I was in scrubs, in the car, and not at a party or anything. escorte cs  It was such an unexpected treat to even be able to listen to it in the first place since I was supposed to be at work. Anyway, so when the radio DJ count-downed( is that a word?) to midnight, and there it is just seconds after midnight and fireworks are going off in the distance as I travel down the road, and I finally felt it. I was euphoric. And what was this, was I actually crying?? Yea. I have *never* cried tears of happiness, ever. aplicatie escorte Never ever. Which made me cry even more because I was so shocked I was crying happy tears. I was just so happy that I wasn’t at work, I survived hell week (between xmas and new years in healthcare) and did a really good job, my boss told me I was a really good nurse… escorte sex .and my favorite songs were playing. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Asa ca ACUM prietenii mei sunt cum stiu ca 2013 va fi un an bun. Pentru ca dupa atata timp in care emotiile mele au fost inchise, ferite de aparitia inimii, in sfarsit pot simti euforia din nou. escorte chibrit Nu pot astepta.

Oricum, traditia mea anuala a rezolutiilor! Daca esti nou pe blogul meu, in fiecare an parcurg rezolutiile din anii precedenti si comentez cum am procedat. Dupa aceea scriu altele noi. Din pacate, am citit in ultimii ani si nu prea multe s-au schimbat. Dar traditia sa! Cu caractere italice sunt anii trecuti, fontul normal este sa-l comentez. sector 4 escorte In urma intregului set sunt anul 2013.

1) Au cel putin cel putin jumatate din cartea mea nr. 1 complet scrisa pana in 2013. O parte din mine doreste sa spun sa scriu intreaga carte pana in 2013, dar .. escorte din bucurești .. As prefera sa fiu mandru de mine pentru ca am reusit sa rezolv decat pentru ca nu Am setat standardul prea sus. Deci da. Jumatate din carte. escorte sb Cred ca acest lucru este cu siguranta posibil.

Haha. Nu s-a intamplat asta. Dar am o scuza buna. Anul trecut, cand am scris acest lucru, lucram tura de noapte la o unitate de 12 paturi si, desi aveam partea noastra corecta de nopti nebunesti, majoritatea noptilor am avut timp sa scriu putin cand toate lucrarile mele erau terminate si pacientii mei dormeau. escorte oradea Ei bine, atunci vara s-a ocupat cu adevarat, iar apoi m-am transferat si, in acest nou loc, abia am timp sa fac pipi. Viata mea de acasa a fost destul de ocupata si 🙁

2)Trebuie sa invat cum sa merg cu fluxul … Am 23 de ani, trebuie sa incetez sa incerc PLANIFICAREA tuturor. escorte din pitesti Incetati sa incercati sa supraalimentati totul si doar ….. forum escorte valcea . fiti. Doar fa-o. Acceptati noi provocari. Accepta oameni noi in viata mea. escorte sex p neamtâ Fa lucruri noi. Joaca sporturi noi.

Am facut o treaba buna cu acesta! M-am inscris la rachetball! Am ramas cu ea! Nu am renuntat! M-am inscris la lectii de tenis! Am iesit si am facut lucruri de care imi era frica anul acesta. Am facut un salt de credinta cu noul meu iubit anul acesta. Am insurubat planificarea logica a fiecarui pas din viata mea. escorte studente bucuresti Imi place viata mea mult mai bine in acest fel.

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3) I want to really focus this year on becoming a much better nurse. I want to do a lot of research on my practice, and really better myself in unique abilities. My hospital is offering the position of a “wound care champion” that I might look into. It would be nice to be exceptionally good at at least one thing among the amazing nurses I work with. escorte targu secuiesc

I did end up becoming a wound care champion at my old hospital! It was pretty sweet to be good at something, and to my new job I therefore brought the knowledge of how to dress a wound pretty awesomely. Sweet. Also, being on a cardiology floor has taught me SO MUCH in so little time and I can’t wait to be a proficient cardiac nurse.

4) Along with number 3, in general (in nursing and in life), I need to learn to be more confident in my abilities. In my self. forum escorte buzau 2019 In my knowledge. In my instincts. This is really hard. I need to trust myself.

I have serious self esteem issues and I don’t think I will ever learn to be completely confident in myself. escorte cotroceni I always question myself. I just hate to do things wrong. I still have to work on this.

5) I need to learn how to COOK! Not just any cooking, but I need to learn how to cook in general and cook for lactose intolerance specifically. So, I really need to get on this because right now my food groups consist of: Rice, beans, chicken, chinese food, fish & chips, vegetables, chicken tenders, fries, and smoothies. escorte sector 6 So, More variety needed? Yess.

Okay. This was hard. Thats still pretty much my entire food group, except I eat less chinese food now, less fries, less tenders, and less fish and chips. So I basically eat: Fruit, veggies, BREAD (so bad), Thai food, chicken, rice and lactose intolerant specially made products. escorte mizil Sooooooo, yeah. HOWEVER, I have a lot of influential people in my life that have been teaching me how to cook real things. I’ve dated two people this past year that loved to cook and worked with my allergies and taught me how to make some good meals. My grandma is a great cook and did the same for me. My aunt has also been guiding me through some really dumb questions online! With buying a new house soon, I’m going to have a full kitchen to myself that I need to use! Goal: next year, I’m making thanksgiving dinner all by myself 🙂

6) I need to learn how to love again. escorte preciziei But at the same time, I need to learn how to just be ok with me. I need to get to know myself better before I let myself attach to anyone else at this point. I feel like right now, when I “attach” to someone, or see someone, they are dating an empty vessel of a girl that needs to figure out a lot right now. I am in here, I promise. Just need to work on my firewall right now, let people in. escorte mature focsani Its a new year. New beginnings. Let our endings go. Forever, and ever, and hit the ground runnin! Woo.

I did this! I so did this! I’m doing it! I dated a couple young gentleman in 2012 but there was always something that was off. escorte vip bucuresti   After a couple bad experiences, I decided it was impossible to meet new people working night shift and the only other thing I did was go to Barnes  & Noble, the gym and out with my family and girlfriends. Plus, strangers don’t meet and start dating anymore nowadays. And my friends tried setting me up and it just wasn’t working out. So I threw in the towel and joined the ever so promising eHarmony. And within three weeks of my membership (and a lot of conversations), I met my amazing boyfriend. escorte sex buzau He lives in the town right next to mine, yay! We had talked online and through texting for about two weeks, until we decided to have our first date on a Wednesday. By that Friday, we were boyfriend and girlfriend. So it went really fast but everything just felt right. Which is huge for me, because I’m very picky. He is one of the main reasons I think my heart is opening back up to feel emotions. gay escorte I held true to myself and am comfortable with myself, I know myself pretty well and I am strong. I don’t believe in 1/2 and 1/2 makes 1 when it comes to partners. I believe in 1 + 1 makes 2. We do not complete each other, nor should we. Nor should anyone, because then what are you without them? We are each our own unique person, our own soul, our own complete set of strengths and weaknesses, and together we bring that to the same table and combine from there. deplasari escorte

7) I already am doing this, but I want to draw a LOT more. I already have drawn so much since school let out and I love it. I also want to do more with my photography this year. Like sell it. Big time. escorte sec4 🙂 On that note, look for a photography post sooN! I am WAY overdue!

I drew a LOT this year.

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I got a drawing desk!!!! Its the best!!!!!!  I’ve been on a drawing hiatus because I’ve been so busy but I plan to go back full force this spring. My new house has room for my own studio 🙂 Oh, and I still owe ya’ll that photography post… escorte galsti ha

Alright so here’s what I’ve got for 2013. I haven’t thought about my resolutions until literally right now. Usually I think about this blog for like a week. Soooooo, here goes.

1) No more sugar. escorte ploiesti ieftine This is something I’ve been trying to do for a couple of months now, but it’s so HARD. What I mean by no sugar is no OBVIOUS sugar. I still plan to eat fruit. What my problem has been, is raspberry friggen Iced tea. That stuff is packed tight with sugar and I’ve become addicted to it. servicii escorte I’ve also gained like ten pounds. I also eat more bread than…. ….. .Peeta Mellark. I seriously love bread. Its bad. I don’t want to eat any obvious sugar. It will be hard, but I can do it. At least cut out 80% of it?

2)Lose weight. I am uncomfortable with my body and have to change. I come from a past of not being good enough for those I loved. My boyfriend now tells me he loves just the way I am and that makes me so happy but I can’t stand the way I feel, the extra jiggles and lovemuffins. I hate the mirror.  So, by 2014 I plan to be holding steady under 130lbs. I’m 145 now. I can do that!

3) Budget- Budget- BUDGET. Buying a new house, its not like an apartment. There is no escape plan this time. If I couldn’t handle the rent at any point, I could have left at anytime. Not with a mortgage. I have to cut coupons. And actually pay attention to sales. I have to think twice about buying 6 books that will sit on my bookshelf. I can do it.

4) Keep my damn car and room clean. WHY IS THIS SO HARD. I have the cutest little sports car, which looks awesome from a distance and then people get in it and realize its not suitable to non-julie human survival. Sad.

5) Join a badminton team . Join a swimming team.

6) Be smarter. Although I AM a LOT smarter as a nurse now than I was last year, there is still so much I don’t know. I so badly want to be the nurse that the new graduate comes and gets and says “can you help me?” and I can just come in and teach and finally know everything and put it to good use. I want to maybe start school this Fall for my nursing MSN. I want to research more about my patients conditions.


Thats it, folks!! Love you all!

HAPPY 2013!!!!!

Make a difference. Make it your own.