Gynocentrismul biologic

Atunci cand mass-media noastra principala abordeaza problemele de gen in orice context (lege, medicina sau chiar biologie), deseori nu favorizeaza punctul de vedere masculin. Deci, nu ma mira cand asa-numitii „academicieni” vorbesc despre disparitia cromozomului Y, tehnologii de reproducere care favorizeaza femeile, studii care subliniaza unele presupuse margini cognitive pe care femeile le au asupra barbatilor, etc. Exista o partinire clara anti-masculina in naratiune publica despre stiinta genului. De aceea, Larry Summers este concediat pentru ca a mers impotriva valului. publi 24 escorte iasi Ce atunci? Evident, barbatii trebuie sa ia nota despre modul in care discutiile despre sex si sex sunt de obicei incadrate in aceasta privinta.

One thing that concerns me about men’s issues advocates is that men whose writings I often agree with and support are falling down in the matter of scrutinizing mainstream ideas about gender and are inadvertently supporting a woman-firster mentality. How so? By coopting popular discourses about the science of mate selection, etc. These discourses may be framed in ways that support biological gynocentrism. anunturi escorte mature bucuresti I especially see this as a concern with respect to some of the men who champion “Game.”

What does biological gynocentrism (or biogynism, as I am going to call it for the sake of convenience) often entail? At least three beliefs: (1) Women are biologically designed to choose among men who compete for female affection; (2) men who don’t have sex are losers; and (3) women, biologically speaking, are the more valuable sex in general. Evolutionary Psychology is usually invoked to support these assertions. I am calling “foul” on all of them, though. escorte putesti First, let me state up front that as a Christian, I don’t even believe in evolution. But I shall, for the sake of argument, approach the above issues on the basis of practicality, if not morality or spirituality.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

First, let’s deal with the matter of sexual selection. If the Law of Jungle is true, then do women have a choice about mates? If they do have a choice, then why on earth do we have to have laws on the books protecting that choice? In the wild, females are often weak and vulnerable (that includes human beings). escorte in varsta They are no match against males. “Females choose dominant males.” What a stellar observation. What other choice do they have!? If I am a hairy male animal that just kicked the stew out of a rival male and I approach a female, what is she going to say to me? “Sorry Mr. nimfomane escorte sibiu Bull, but you’re not my type”? Yeah, and I’d honor that opinion about five seconds after I overpowered her and mated with her. That’s why some female primates have to travel in herds to ward off male aggression. Of course, males can cooperate, too, rendering the whole matrilocal defense shtick meaningless.

But honestly, when we start looking to animals to understand human behavior, we open a can of worms with faulty assumptions, hasty generalizations, and bad analogies. escorte public At the end of the day mice are mice, chimps are chimps, and humans are humans. They ain’t the same. If you want to understand human behavior, you have to understand humans. Otherwise you’re likely to get ideological spin and biased nonsense like this article from a feminist. escorte mature forum

Evolution or no evolution, take a good look at the whole of human history instead of myopically focusing on what’s going on in our own culture. How have women fared in the game of love with respect to arranged marriages, being punished more severely than men for adultery, sexual slavery, war, mass rape, etc.? How are they faring outside of the Anglosphere now? Do you think Westernized Chivalry is hardwired in the men of Sudan? Do you think the Ferragamo-pumping sisterhood of New York City would want to trade places with the women of North Africa in the dating game? If women are hardwired to possess some sort of “reproductive choice” then I’d like know what feminists have been fighting for all these years. The truth is that in the natural order of things, women don’t have reproductive choice. escorte vama veche They have often been the property of their fathers and the men who paid some money (dowry, etc.) for them. The only reason women have the choices they have now is because of the goodwill of men, not because of some evolutionary form of supremacy.

Mate or Die

Another aspect of biogynism is the belief that one’s manhood and life is based upon sexual success with women. escorte alba nimfomane

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And why do biogynists believe this? Because if you don’t pass on your genes, you are a supposedly fundamental failure. Laying aside the conflict such a sentiment has with Christianity (Isa. 56:3-5), there are other problems with the assertion. People are conflating reproductive success with sexual attractiveness. escorte bucuresti gratis The two, of necessity, have been separated since the advent of birth control.

Let me tell you something: You could be handsome, intelligent, rich, have “Game”, and bed the most attractive women in the world, but the moment you slip on a condom or the moment your paramour takes the pill is the moment you opted out of the race. If you are a biogynist and tie your worth to reproductive success, then you are a loser by your own definition unless the reproductive community of which you and your descendants are a part are having kids above the 2.10 replacement level. escorte bals I highly doubt that many of the folks into Evo-Psych are part of such a demographic. I highly doubt the women they are chasing are part of said demographic, either. Why? Because rearing a house full of kids would cramp their lifestyle.

Let’s face it. escorte rosiori de vede Sex is fun, but raising three or more children is not. And of course, rearing children in order for your descendants to have a chance in life puts a leash on your sex life, too. Do you want to be in a strict sect that demands that you have children and ties you to a rigid code of behavior (Amish, Mormon, Hasidic Jew)? How about living like the folks in the third world? They’re having children! You see, in our modern world, there is a necessary trade off between quality of life and “reproductive success.” That’s why when women pursue education and other forms of advancement where they don’t have to depend on men, they tend not to have many children. discutii escorte In short, the Lotharios and the women they are chasing are, to use a popular secular phrase, “Darwinizing themselves.” Westernized cultures are dying out because they want to.

Here’s something else to think about: We are all descendants from the same genetic family. Both the Bible and science hold to this view. escorte cluj 100 ron So if you don’t believe as I do in the scriptural Adam or Eve (whose is called the “mother of all living” in the Bible), then what will you do with Y-chromosomal Adam or Eurasian Adam? There is something Obi-Wan did not tell you. I am your cousin! Search your feelings. You know it to be true! And so is Cupcake that you’ve been kissing and smootching with, fellas.

If one looks at things from a naturalistic viewpoint, then “reproductive success” is a value neutral enterprise. escorte publi 24 braila The indifferent universe, in such a case, does not care about your genes. Therefore, for non-religious Darwinists to talk about “winners” and “losers” in some judgmental, value-laden way is ludicrous. When you tell me you are winning the game because you had a child, I can reply, “Thanks for being my surrogate.” Hope your descendants don’t break your patrilineal or matrilineal line. escorte de lux craiova Of course, with the coming depopulation, that’s a very real possibility.

Still obsessed with your pedigree? The world is full of people who have children and grandchildren that didn’t turn out the way everyone expected. Most people do not live the kind of lives that are immortalized in history books and on monuments. Abraham Lincoln’s descendants are no longer around and there’s no guarantee that yours will be in a few generations either (if it they are not absorbed in some longer pool of humanity, making whatever contribution you made unrecognizable). public24 escorte

Look, love for women and family is not rational. It’s emotional. That’s the way love is, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One can hope that your love is realistic and reigned in by sound judgment, but at the end of the day, it’s emotion that impels you into marriage, sex, and family. publi24 escorte pitesti

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If you try to make a rational case for why men should want to have sex, get married, or have children, then you will lose your case. It’s like to trying make an argument for why I ought to like sunrises, peppermint ice cream, or fluffy kittens. I either like these things or I don’t. Barring obvious considerations of morality and wisdom, it is utterly stupid to force your emotional preferences on other people. escorte grase That’s why the term “evolutionary mating strategy” is such a misnomer. Bacteria don’t sit around at a mahogany table deliberating on how to take over the biosphere. Neither do birds, bees, fish, elephants, or fluffy kittens. Well, maybe the HBD crowd, but I jest. escorte slatina olt

She’s One in a Million

Another idea floated by biogynists is that men are more disposable than women because “eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap.” This is nothing more than a classical case of the Fallacy of Composition. Pray tell, which gender tends to draw the short end of the stick in sex selective abortions? Which gender typically inherits the property of the parents? Do we know something traditional cultures closer to margins of survival than we are today didn’t know for thousands for years?

Somebody has brought up the matter about men, as opposed to women, being sent into battle. What about that? I think the reason women have not often been sent into battle is because they generally can’t fight and kill as well as men. escorte conatanta Which, by the way, is the real reason why men are called upon to “sacrifice” and “be protectors.” Not because there is something inherently valiant about killing other people. That’s just a bunch of psychobabble to motivate young men to do dangerous things that no one in their right mind would do. No, it is about who is the most effective killer–and that’s men. escorte bordeaux Who makes killers out of men? That’s right–the big men at the top. War is young blood for old money.

Anyway, have women been valued more than men? Probably for the same reason that donkeys, coconuts, and seashells have been valued more than men. That’s what men in power do–cherish things and use men. escorte baieti They dehumanize others. Ogg the Barbarian may have valued his gold, donkeys, and women more than his hostile neighbour Uluk, but he didn’t necessarily value them more than himself or his sons. He certainly didn’t value his daughters more than his sons. So why are women esteemed so highly today, even over their male counterparts? Like I said, it has to do with the goodwill of men, not some evolutionary edge. escorte ploiesti

Anyway, Novaseeker delivers the coup de grace to the “disposable male” meme:

As men, we should never, ever, buy in to the idea that we are disposable or of lesser value than women. Disposable? If all men went on strike for 48 hours in North America, we would soon see just how silly it is to view men as the disposable sex.In closing, if we are going to dispose of something, let’s dispose of the mentality that makes men out be a bunch of bulls and steers paraded before female auctioneers at a cattle show. This kind of thinking is detrimental to men, period. escorte magheru As men, we can do better than this. And when it comes to a Christian context for all of this, don’t try to argue with me on that (1 Cor. 11:3, 7, 8-9). Both sexes have equal value before God (Gal. siteuri escorte 3:28)!

Addendum: This recent article at makes some good points about biogynism. See also this excellent post by a reader at Ferdinand Bardamu’s blog.