Compatibilitatea cu cancerul – cu cine te potrivesti cu intalniri, sex si prietenie

Compatibilitatea cancerului – Dintre toate semnele astrologice, Cancerele sunt cele mai protectoare de acasa si de cei dragi. Securitatea este numarul unu pentru ei. Deoarece sunt un semn de apa si, de asemenea, asociate cu Luna, ele sunt cunoscute ca fiind extrem de sensibile, emotionale si extrem de pline de spirit. Deoarece sunt atat de sensibili, sunt capabili sa citeasca motivele celorlalti foarte clar, insa uneori pot fi considerate ca fiind prea supraprotective. escorte travestiti cluj napoca Cand totul este stabil, sunt la fel de calmi si racorosi ca un lac sau un parau linistit. Daca se simt cel mai putin instabili, pot actiona ca un rau grabit. Astfel, atunci cand intalniti Cancers, este mai bine sa le oferiti acea atmosfera de securitate si stabilitate.

Cu toate acestea, atunci cand le oferiti dragostea si stabilitatea lor, trebuie sa va asigurati ca este pe placul lor si nu ceea ce credeti ca le place, deoarece vor putea vedea prin motivele voastre. escorte

Faceti clic aici pentru Rac in relatiile de dragoste si sexul cu un gemeni

Tu esti un cancer, ei sunt …

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Berbec si Rac

Esti prea romantic si hipersensibil pentru el. escorte braila Si te certa in mod constant despre bani pentru ca esti atent si el este nechibzuit si generos.

Taur si cancer

Iti place sa fii cucerit de el. El este liderul si este bine de tine.

Gemeni si Rac

Te enervezi comportamentul sau superficial, mai ales noaptea. escorte cupluri

Rac si cancer

Aceasta relatie are totul de-a face cu emotia si cu erotismul moale. O combinatie romantica.

Leu si Rac

El este Soarele, tu esti Luna. Il stricati putrez, iar el il gaseste delicios. milf escorte Dar te rasplateste bogat in pat.

Fecioara si Rac

O combinatie linistita noaptea, dar nervoasa in timpul zilei. Nu este o situatie ideala.

Balanta si cancerul

Doi visatori sentimentali. escorte in tulcea O combinatie erotica romantica, delicioasa in pat.

Scorpion si Rac

Daca vei reusi sa iti depasesti suspiciunea reciproca, aceasta ar putea fi o relatie pasionala.

Sagetator si Rac

Iubeste pasional si violent, esti romantic si moale. Asteptati si vedeti ce aduce aceasta combinatie in viitor . escorte app ..

Capricorn si Rac

El te face sa te simti in siguranta, te asiguri de partea romantica. Un cuplu excelent, atat noaptea, cat si ziua. escorte murs

Varsator si cancer

O combinatie neobisnuita cu posibilitati fara precedent. O atractie magnetica te atrage mai aproape.

Pesti si cancer

A warm, soft combination that can only be threatened by mutual mood swings.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility

Cancerians are supportive yet they do not make friends easily because of their selective nature when it comes to making friends. escorte independente din bucuresti They are loyal friends and are always ready to help their friends in trouble. They have good friend compatibility with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

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Dating Compatibility

Cancer is compatible with quite a few other zodiac signs. Aries Cancer love works quite well as Cancer provides the attention and adoration Aries craves. escorte galti The Cancer Taurus relationship also works well as Taurus fulfils Cancer secret sexual desires and provides the home security that Taurus loves. Leo is another sign that seeks Cancer out for the adoration and applause Cancer will give to Leo. In addition Leo will treat Cancer with tenderness and affection. In bed the sparks definitely fly between these two signs. escorte dragasani Cancer and Libra are another great combination as both are focused on home and family. When these two get together talk centers around marriage, heart and babies.

Sex Compatibility

Looking at the astrology sex profile, Gemini is not very compatible with Cancer as they are not interested in being faithful to their partner and can not stand Cancer s jealousy. The Cancer Aries relationship will also not work, as Aries is too much in love with their independence to tolerate Cancer s overwhelming attentiveness. escorte delux In bed however, they are very compatible as Cancer does all possible to satisfy Aries demanding and unusual sexual needs. As for Sagittarius, Cancer will find this sign a little to flighty and free for their liking and Sagittarius will not like Cancer s clinging nature. Physical attraction and sensuality are the main features of a relationship between Virgo and Cancer. They both enjoy a long passionate session of lovemaking and will soon find themselves talking marriage and a family. escorte oradea sex

Remember though, every compatibility situation is unique and it is important to use the deep reflection and insight offered by a good compatibility reading to understand truly how compatible you are with another.

How to Love match up with a Cancer

A woman who is a Cancer seeks someone who will take care of her at all times and will need constant reassurance that her mate will not stray from her, even if she assumes or believes that the possibility is there.  If you want to make sure that she will love you back, it is often good to find out if she’s in the right mood first and she hasn’t had a rough day at the office.   In order to charm her, you need to romance her but in the traditional “knight-and-shining armor” sense. escorte buzias

For a male Cancer, he wants a woman who will care for him like a mother.  In fact, he would be defined as the classic mother’s boy.   Thus, he is very sensitive to his surroundings and needs to be understood by how he feels and thinks.  In other words, it is best to sit down and listen to what he has to say, and not criticize or fault him for anything if you have a chance. escorte costinești

The best matches for a Cancer a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Neutrally, a Cancer can get along with a Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius.

Their polar opposites are Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.

If matched with a fellow Cancer, the match can have its extreme highs and lows and can either be extremely successful or extremely stressful. escorte otopeni

Cancer Compatibility Chart:

Things to Consider

Basic Relationship Traits

They are a sensitive, nurturing sign. This is the most feminine sign of the zodiac and are by nature very emotional.

They can seem to be tough on the outside and may present this external image to the world but, this is something that they learn to develop, throughout their life, so that they can protect their deep rooted feelings.

Much like the crab,  they are tough on the outside to protect themslves but soft and gentle on the inside. escorte lux

They are very mannerly and courteous. They can be found attractive by the opposite sex because of their delicate, artistic nature.

They have a moody, turbulent side to them, however, and they need someone who can give them praise, appreciation and comfort when they are feeling anxious or gloomy.

Trust and Security

In a  relationships, they will want to have security, loyalty and faithful trust. escorte sulina They will not give this trust himself very easily.

They are very passionate but also very careful about how and where that passion is used.

He/ she can’t openly express their  passionate side to someone until they can confirm that they will be a faithful, dependable lover and therefore one worthy of his trust.

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Initial Reluctance

They have an inner fear of rejection and this can prevent them from making the first move in love. escorte sector4

They can be initially guarded and reluctant about romantic partnership and need time to trust and build a stable relationship slowly through that trust.

They take relationships quite seriously and expect complete loyalty, support and respect from their partner.

If Hurt

As they do not trust easily and feel for their partner from a deep, emotional stance, and as they can be quite inwardly sensitive, their partnership will fail if their trust is broken or betrayed.

In addition to this, they can become deeply hurt and this hurt will last long within their hearts. escorte campina

When their relationships end, they can be unwilling to and struggle with letting go completely and this holds true when their loyalty is betrayed.

They may have a forgiving nature, but they will not forget for themselves the hurt that they went through and can continue to bring up and ache from old hurts in their future.

Ultimate Goal in a Relationship

In \ relationships, they can be very romantic and idealistic. They want everlasting love and clingy couple bliss. escorte craiova

However, they are practical also in  relationships and really wish for something stable and secure.

Their ultimate goal is nothing less than to find the right partner and settle down get married and have children.

This  is the sign of home and family, and both these things are vastly important in their life.

They hold that it is with a strong foundation that they can succeed, in relationships and all other parts of life. escorte m ciuc

Intuition Over Loved Ones

They can communicate well in a relationship and their sensitive nature can give them, strong, accurate, valuable intuitions over there partners and others that they care for.

These insights that they get allow them to help their loved ones out, which they will tenderly do so as they care very deeply for their loved ones.

When in a Bad Mood

They are very sensitive and when sad, or in a bad mood, can become brooding and skit away into their shells.

This is not healthy for them, as they have the tendency to sometimes bottle up their emotions and insecurities and keep their feelings stifled. escorte nud

This can build up and cause them to burst out with force or cause them to blow up inside and suffer an emotional collapse.

Compatibility can be found if they can find a partner that can soothe thier emotional nature.

They need a partner that will give them the security they need to thrive, and to them, the perfect relationship is just this: a relationship that they can retreat to and be safe and content in; a sanctuary of sorts.

Occasional Instability

This sign is ruled by the moon and like the unstable, changing moon, they can have a certain moodiness to them, one that is often misunderstood and can be frowned upon by others. public iasi escorte

They can be quite tough to understand at times; they are a sign of many contradictions.

this sign is ruled by heart over head, and while this is sometimes good, at other times it can be detrimental.

They can sometimes allow irrational emotions to overrule them and control over their practical, sensible heads.

It is because of this that they always wish to build stable walls around their home and loved ones: so that their gentle, but sometimes unstable feelings can be expressed in an atmosphere that is stable, established, and secure. escorte sub 18 ani brasov

Needs From a Partner

As a cardinal sign, their compatibility is best with someone who can see, understand, and respect the creativity in them.

They need someone who can respect their inventive mind and at the same time accept them for who they, even with their moodiness and changing dispositions.

Because their emotions are so commanding and such an influential part of their nature, they look for a partner who is stable and caring of course, but in addition to that, one that responds well to them.

For their compatibility to be achieved,  their partner must be receptive to the changing feelings and thoughts they possess. escorte galari

They must be understanding of their unpredictable nature and occasional need for solitude and at the same maintain the ability to cater to their outward desire for companionship and encouragement.

Problems in a Relationship?

They are very protective and can even be a bit possessive in a relationship. They have potential for jealousy in a relationship as well.

It should be noted, however, that these traits of theirs come from insecurity and wish for stability, rather than a desire to be controlling or to dominate over their partner. escorte filmate

In Conclusion

In the end, it is a loving and long lasting partner that they want to have. They are creatively romantic all while being fair and practical.

If they can find a partner who can give them the stability and care that they wish for in a relationship, their compatibility can come easily.

They will then love very deeply, working hard to meet all their partner’s needs and create a strong foundation to a lasting relationship.

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